29 August, 2011

Timelapse Calculator

I've recently fallen in love with timelapse videos (see e.g. The Mountain by TSO Photography). As I wasn't able to find good timelapse calculator so I decided to develop one in Javascript. The result is here - Timelapse Calculator.
Timelapse Calculator

This calculator allows you to compute e.g. Interval based on desired Frame Rate, Clip Length and Record Duration. Also calculates Number of shots to be taken and used Memory (based on Size per Shot). It is pretty flexible, because you can specify any values you know and it will automatically recalculate other ("unlocked") values.

If you provide too many values and they doesn't match each other, it highlights them and you have to unlock one of them. Also if you provide not enough information, it will highlight values you have to specify to get all other values ;-). Just check my Timelapse Calculator.

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