15 June, 2014

Chromecastize: Video conversion script for Google Chromecast owners

I'm happy owner of Google Chromecast and even though it's awesome for streaming online content from YouTube or Netflix, it's not so great device for playing local media (or media from your NAS), because it supports only limited number of video and audio codecs (see Supported Media for Google Cast).

My Synology NAS is not powerful enough to transcode videos on the fly, so I decided to write a script which converts all my local media into Chromecast supported format using ffmpeg.

You can get the script from my GitHub repository chromecastize and convert all your media to Chromecast supported format by running one command - such as:
./chromecastize.sh /Volumes/MyNAS
If you come across any issues or have ideas for improvement, please, report them by using issues in the GitHub repository.